Web Analytics Playbook

Play 5: Know what you’re looking for

Although certain data sometimes stand out as surprising or odd, you need to consistently measure your predetermined success metrics to see if you are meeting your KPI targets.


  • Learn how to best track your success metrics and KPIs in your tool
  • Create necessary segments, filters, custom reports, or dashboards
  • Know what makes up both successes and failures based on your strategy
  • Break down your KPI metrics by location, technology, acquisition, etc. for greater insight

Key Questions:

  • What is the most reliable way to view our KPI metrics? Hint: it’s not always the easiest.
  • What audience segments make up the largest or smallest KPI increases or decreases? Is it driven by mobile users, or users from Georgia, or users referred from a newsletter?
  • Why do you think those segments contribute as they do? How can we test those assumptions?
  • How do we react, now that we are equipped with this information?