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RPA use case inventory

The RPA Use Case Inventory provides detailed information on over 300 RPA use cases across the federal government.

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What is RPA Use Case Inventory?

The Federal RPA CoP developed the “RPA Use Case Inventory (UCI)”, which provides detailed information on over 300 RPA Use Cases across the federal government. For each automation, the inventory includes descriptive data such as agency name, business function, a high-level description of the use case, and an estimate of the annualized capacity provided.

Download the RPA Use Case Inventory (PDF, 271.08 KB, 13 pages)

Purpose of the RPA Use Case Inventory

By collecting and sharing solutions across the federal government, RPA CoP is pursuing common federal standards for credentialing, privacy, and security, and designing common management metrics to gauge government-wide impact of RPA.

Why Submit an RPA Use Case?

  • Increase awareness of current RPA applications across the federal government to increase knowledge sharing and accelerate adoption of innovative technologies.
  • Make it easier to share individual agency RPA applications and publish government-wide solutions.
  • Lead to a deeper understanding of the government-wide impact of RPA: creating additional capacity, increasing efficiency, enhancing quality, and driving greater compliance for federal agencies.
  • Help to develop standard performance metrics for RPA deployments, allowing for more accurate statements about the government-wide impact of innovative technologies.

To submit an individual RPA Use case, please visit the form below:

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