Rachel Hurley

Trends on Tuesday: Why You Should Be Accessible on Mobile

MobileMarketingWatch released an article explaining why it is important for the workplace to be making the move to mobile. When it comes to marketing, it is essential to understand your customer and be easily discoverable or else your product will go unseen. It is all about “place, place, place.” It is no secret the use of smartphones and tablets is increasing all the time, so being easily discoverable on these devices is absolutely essential.

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NASA Space Place Prime App

In May, NASA released the Space Place Prime app for both iPhone and iPad. This app’s target audience is not only kids, but for teachers, parents, and all space enthusiasts. Based on NASA’s website, The Space Place, this app presents some of the most recent and best offerings of NASA: Timely educational and easy-to-read articles from the website Daily updates of NASA space and Earth-from-space images and the latest, informative videos and articles Interface is a slidable, looping grid of images with icons indicating whether they represent an image, a video, or an article Alternatively, a list mode and a carousel mode present images, videos, and articles sorted separately Content is updated daily and favorites can be tagged and permanently saved You can check out other fun apps like Space Place Prime on the USA.

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Trends on Tuesday: Identify Your Mobile Personas

Sparksheet recently posted an article by Greg Hickman, where he explains how to create mobile personas for your consumers when developing a mobile strategy. When it comes to mobile marketing and strategy, he says it’s easy to get caught up in the hot new trends that might not necessarily be the best for promoting your product. The mobile product your agency is trying to promote needs to fit your customers, and creating mobile personas is a strategic way of doing that.

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Trends on Tuesday: Uprise of SMS Marketing

MobileMarketingWatch recently published an article on how the SMS marketing world is changing. Due to its popularity, SMS has evolved into one of the most effective mobile marketing strategies. Improves Relevance for All: Marketers tailor campaigns to a variety of interests in order to create more relevant messages that are more effective and allows businesses of all sizes to take advantage of this resource. Spreading Across Industries: SMS marketing is a resource used by all different types of businesses since text messages have a 90% average open rate and are more effective than email notifications.

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Trends on Tuesday: Top Smartphones on the Market

ComScore recently released key trends in the United States’ smartphone industry for three months (February-May) with Apple ranked as the top smartphone manufacturer and Android as the top smartphone platform. During the three months, 141 million people owned smartphones. Top Smartphone Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) Apple – 39.2% Samsung – 23.0% HTC – 8.7% Motorola – 7.8% LG – 6.7% Top Smartphone Platforms Android – 52.4% Apple – 39.

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NPS Chesapeake Explorer App

The National Park Service (NPS) developed an app for people looking to explore the historic Chesapeake Bay area and travelers now have an anytime, anywhere tool to tell them where they can go and how to get there. The NPS launched the Chesapeake Explorer App last October. This app has over 400 different sites to visit. It helps travelers discover places to experience the beauty and history of the Chesapeake Bay region.

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