Trends on Tuesday: Uprise of SMS Marketing

Jul 23, 2013

MobileMarketingWatch recently published an article on how the SMS marketing world is changing. Due to its popularity, SMS has evolved into one of the most effective mobile marketing strategies.

  • Improves Relevance for All: Marketers tailor campaigns to a variety of interests in order to create more relevant messages that are more effective and allows businesses of all sizes to take advantage of this resource.
  • Spreading Across Industries: SMS marketing is a resource used by all different types of businesses since text messages have a 90% average open rate and are more effective than email notifications.
  • Making the Most of Mobile Loyalty: Since almost three quarters of mobile users want loyalty programs on their smartphones, businesses are racing to go mobile like never before.
  • Providing Value from Start to Finish: SMS is now used for everything from receipt confirmations to account updates.
  • Delivering More Through Less: Marketers don’t want to overextend their welcome on their consumer’s mobile devices, so they send fewer messages that are carefully crafted with more relevance to the consumer.

Agencies wanting to promote their mobile products should consider this new level of SMS Marketing for their consumers to get their services out there. Check out other agencies that are using SMS as a marketing strategy.