Andrew J. Stauffer

Andy has been working with the US Geological Survey’s National Geospatial Technical Operations Center since 2012. He is currently a ScrumMaster for Derived Product Generation including the US Topo production system and staged vector product generation. Andy oversees automated production systems that generate and maintain approximately 250,000 cartographic and vector GIS products.

How One Team is Making the Transition to Agile

It can often be difficult for organizations to adopt agile methodologies in their truest sense. Water-Scrum-Fall is a hybrid approach of waterfall and agile practices, blended together in a manner that facilitates the transition to agile. A waterfall-based approach to software and product development tends to treat the entire activity as a single segment with a definitive start and a definitive end. In very large and complex projects, this can leave little room for flexibility (i.

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