Health IT Services SIN — Ready to Serve Agencies

Nov 29, 2016

This summer I announced the the release of our new Health IT Services Special Item Number (SIN 132–56) on IT Schedule 70. Now, I am happy to report that the SIN has been awarded to 65 highly qualified industry partners — with that number continuing to grow daily as new contracts are being awarded. With such a robust supplier offering, the SIN is now very much ready to serve agencies’ health IT services requirements.

As a reminder, the Health IT Services SIN simplifies the procurement process, making it easier for agencies to get access to innovative and emerging health IT services. It also fosters competition and promotes small business participation. The SIN also gives industry partners a way to distinguish their health IT services offerings from other IT related services already under the IT Schedule 70 program, letting them stand out to agencies specifically seeking health IT services.

Additionally, the Health IT SIN also supports the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan to expand adoption of health IT services, reduce prices, advance secure and interoperable health information solutions, and strengthen healthcare delivery systems.

This infographic displays the vision, mission, and four overarching goals of the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan.

In the coming months, in cooperation with our agencies and industry partners, we will actively engage in expanding the usage of the new Health IT SIN.

I encourage agencies to visit the IT Schedule 70 Health IT SIN web page for more information on how to use the SIN to purchase health IT services.

Please follow us on Twitter @GSA_ITC and LinkedIn to join our ongoing conversations about government IT.This post was originally published on GSA’s Great Government Through Technology blog by Mary Davie, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Information Technology Category (ITC).