Fascinating Geysers on the NPS Yellowstone Geysers App

Dec 3, 2015

Geological phenomena such as steaming mud craters, bubbling mud pools, hot springs and geysers are some of the exhilarating features of a geo-thermal wonderland. Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park falls into this category.

Screenshots of the National Park Service Yellowstone Geysers app from an iPhone

If you are planning a visit to Yellowstone, you can download the National Park Service (NPS)’s NPS Yellowstone Geysers free mobile app from iTunes for iOS and Google Play for Android devices.

The app is simple to use with a straightforward menu structure. You can discover the natural wonder of Old Faithful and five other geysers. On your visit to Yellowstone, use this app to learn when Old Faithful and the other predictable geysers may erupt, including: Grand Geyser, Castle Geyser, Great Fountain Geyser, Daisy Geyser and Riverside Geyser. The predictions do require connectivity to the Internet. You also have additional information on each of the geysers at your fingertips, such as the:

  • Type of geyser,
  • Duration,
  • Height of the eruption and
  • How long the eruptions might last.

The safety tips are extremely handy and worth knowing before you visit the park, and the FAQs (frequently asked questions) are informational.

The photo gallery includes amazing pictures of each geyser. Each eruption is quite different, and the collection of photos is enjoyable.

You can also use this app to browse social media content from the park’s Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr sites to learn what is happening in Yellowstone.

Want to watch a live eruption of Old Faithful and other geysers but can’t make it to the park? No worries—you are able to observe these hydrothermal rarities through an integrated webcam in the app.

You can download this and other government apps through the USA.gov Federal Mobile Apps Directory. Do you have a federal app that is not listed on the Directory? Take part in the Great Federal Mobile Product Hunt.

Originally posted by Nirmala Ramprasad on Dec 3, 2015
Dec 3, 2015