Modernizing Federal Information Policy

Oct 21, 2015

Today, the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is proposing for the first time in fifteen years revisions to the Federal Government’s governing document establishing policies for the management of Federal information resources: Circular A-130, Managing Information as a Strategic Resource. More specifically, Circular A-130 provides general policy for the planning, budgeting, governance, acquisition, and management of Federal information resources. It also includes appendices outlining agency responsibilities for managing information, supporting use of electronic transactions, and protecting Federal information resources.

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The proposed revisions to the Circular are the result of new statutory requirements and enhanced technological capabilities since the last update to the Circular in 2000. Modernizing this policy will enable OMB to provide timely and relevant guidance to agencies and will ensure that the Federal IT ecosystem operates more securely and more efficiently while saving tax dollars and serving the needs of the American people.

The proposed Circular reflects a rapidly evolving digital economy where more than ever, individuals, groups, and organizations rely on information technology to carry out a wide range of missions and business functions. Information technology changes rapidly and the Federal workforce managing IT must have the flexibility to address known and emerging threats while implementing continuous improvements. This update acknowledges the pace of change and the need to increase capabilities provided by 21st century technology while recognizing the need for strong governance and safeguarding of taxpayer funded assets and information.

The proposed revisions are open for 30-day public input at We look forward to your thoughts and feedback on the content of this Circular, as well as your ideas for any additional information that should be considered.

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This post was originally published on the White House blog by Anne Rung, the U.S. Chief Acquisition Officer, Tony Scott the U.S. Chief Information Officer and Howard Shelanski, the Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs.

Originally posted by Anne Rung on Oct 21, 2015
Originally posted by Howard Shelanski on Oct 21, 2015
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Oct 21, 2015