Monthly Theme: Learning to Ride the Metrics Wave

Sep 8, 2015

We are awash in data. Data in our personal lives gives us information on everything from our nightly sleeping patterns to how many of our friends shared our latest quip on social media. So too in our professional world, where we can see the most popular devices people use to navigate our websites and are told which time of day is the best to send out our communications.

All of this data can help us make smart decisions that will ultimately provide our customers with a better experience—but only if we know what our end goals are and what metrics we need to measure to get there. Only then will we not be overwhelmed by the tidal wave of data and will surf that wave to the shores of our customers.

This month on DigitalGov, we’ll be highlighting a few ways we can stay afloat in the sea of data:

Originally posted by Andrea Sigritz on Sep 8, 2015


Sep 8, 2015