Need Actionable Analytics Reports? Here’s Help

Aug 6, 2015

The Digital Analytics Program (DAP) provides a wealth of standard Web analytics reports within its current Web analytics tool (Google Analytics Premium). Yet, navigating through big data with a standard report can be a challenge and definitely takes a few clicks. To quickly get to the insights of your agency websites’ traffic, building your own custom reports and segments is the way to go.

As part of its on-going effort to educate and empower DAP users with Web analytics knowledge, the DAP team has put together the DAP Custom Reporting Catalog with many of the frequently used custom templates. These templates will help users drill down to the data of interest and provide valuable insights into specific website traffic to, ultimately, improve data-driven decision making.

The DAP Custom Reporting Catalog offers over 20 report templates to facilitate website/agency Web traffic analysis and help make the best of the data collected within specific agencies or government-wide views. So, whether users want data on the top performing blog content, or the most downloaded PDF, or the top trending on-site search terms, custom reporting templates can help you access your data with fewer clicks. Traffic sources and acquisition, top downloads, sessions with on-site search and mobile performance are just some examples of the templates provided in the catalog.

Download the Solutions Catalog (PDF, 1 MB, 24 pages)

Here are two examples.

Landing Page Report

This report covers data for pages through which users enter the website. It provides a list of pages and highlights the percentage of pageviews that were entrances to the website as well as the bounce rate for those pages.

Depending on the goals of the Web page, you can see how effective those landing pages are and determine whether you need to adjust the elements on that page. If you are running campaigns, this report can give you an idea of which landing page might be the most helpful to your target audience.

Landing Pages Analysis

Content Efficiency Report

This report provides data in two tabs—one for the performance of specific content or pages and one for technical performance of the Web page. You can see which Web pages are receiving repeat pageviews, the percentage of pageviews which are entrances to the website, as well as the bounce rate and average time on page.

An analytics report shows Page Performance Efficiency