DAY 50: The Great Federal Mobile Product Hunt!

Jul 9, 2015

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Leaderboard Tally

The Great Federal Mobile Product Hunt is off to the races in both English and Spanish with David Cooper in the lead at 12 #lostapps from the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, Department of Veterans Affairs in a close second with 10, and Elizabeth Perez of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration rounding out the leaderboard at Day 50.


Thanks to all who have contributed in locating or updating the Directory including SAMSHA, Broadcasting Board of Governors, United States Coast Guard, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and Small Business Administration. We appreciate those agencies who have sent us good feedback on the page and thoughts on how we might tag or add other devices in the future!

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For those new to the hunt for #lostapps, the campaign mission is simple—find English/Spanish mobile apps and/or websites not listed on the Mobile Apps Directory. The Directory is the authoritative source for federal mobile web products, and federal Agencies that do not have their apps registered here are losing out on valuable promotional opportunites on and DigitalGov.

Here’s how you JOIN the Great Federal Mobile Product Hunt:

  • Go to the Mobile Apps Directory on AND USAGov en Español (formerly known as to see if your agency’s products are listed.
  • If they are listed, great! Check for updates/corrections to be added.
  • If not listed, or if there is an update–email us with the subject line “#LostApps” with the name of the mobile app or website and contact person. We will add the app or website to the registry, and we may profile it in our Thursday Mobile Products series here on DigitalGov.

We will be revisiting this campaign at Day 100! We’d greatly appreciate any feedback on the Mobile Apps Directory in the meantime via email. #thehuntison

Originally posted by Courtney Greenley on Jul 9, 2015
Jul 9, 2015