Trends on Tuesday: Mobile Marketing on the Rise

Jan 27, 2015
Mobile target

Marketers are increasingly using SMS, push notifications, mobile apps, location-based functionality and other mobile-first techniques to reach constituents. That’s according to a recent article from, which provided an overview of the mobile trends presented in Salesforce’s 2015 State of Marketing Report. The report was based on a survey of 5,000 marketers in 10 countries.

Some notable survey results were:

  • More than one-quarter of marketers have a mobile app (27%). An additional 34% were planning to create one in the coming year.

    The use of mobile marketing doubled since the last report: 46% of respondents said they were currently using some form of mobile marketing, versus 23% in the 2014 report.

  • Mobile marketing does not stand alone: for respondents who were using mobile marketing, 68% had integrated it into their overall marketing strategy.

  • Mobile loyalty campaigns were rated as the most effective mobile marketing tactic (see graphic below).


A majority of respondents (86%) also said that it is important to “create a cohesive customer journey.” Mobile applications were named the most effective technology for creating that cohesion.

Marketers of all stripes are looking towards the mobile future. Although traditional marketing can be viewed as communicating a product’s value in order to sell it, marketing can also be seen as raising awareness through relationship-building.

This sphere of marketing is critical to government. As the public increasingly depends on mobile devices and apps, federal agencies must become “marketers” that deliver information and services in mobile-friendly formats. Any agency can make mobile-first content, and mobile is one of the 15 government customer service trends we see happening in 2015. Through mobile, agencies will position themselves to meet 21st century needs.