Trends on Tuesday: Are PCs Obsolete?

Sep 2, 2014
Green desktop computer

We’ve seen (and experienced) a dramatic growth in mobile consumption in recent years. From app downloads to tablet ownership, the use of mobile devices continues to trend up. But, is this at the expense of desktop computer usage? Not really. The growth of mobile activity is incremental to what’s happening on existing platforms, according to comScore. Let’s take a closer look at mobile vs. PC usage over the past year:

  • Mobile app and mobile Web usage have increased by 44% and 38%, respectively
  • Mobile’s share of digital media time spent is 60%, up from 50% the previous year
  • Desktop usage total time spent declined from 477 billion minutes to 466 billion minutes
  • Time spent on digital increased 20% overall in the past year

The growth in mobile consumption doesn’t mean PCs are dead. In fact, studies have shown that many online adults move across devices, starting a task on a mobile device and finishing it on a desktop. By having a mobile first strategy, your agency will ensure that it is meeting the needs of all users, no matter what device they prefer.

Originally posted by Treci Johnson on Sep 2, 2014
Sep 2, 2014