Trends on Tuesday: Multi-Device Use is Common Practice

Apr 8, 2014

Mobile devices - Laptop, tablets, smartphone
Have you ever opened an email on your smartphone, and then switched to your laptop to read the attachment or write your response? According to a new multi-device study, you’re not alone. More than 40 percent of all online adults move across devices—they start an activity on one device and finish it on another.

Reasons behind the switch…

  • Comfort and convenience: the main reasons why people change devices mid-activity are to use a larger screen and for easier typing
  • Increases with the number of devices owned: 54% of people who own two devices and 73% of people who own three devices switch between them to complete tasks or activities
  • Other key considerations: urgency of the task, length of time involved, security and privacy concerns and the level of detail required

It’s important that we keep the online journey of our customers in mind when designing for the web. Their mobile experience on our site should be as fluid and consistent as when they are sitting at a desktop computer. By putting the needs of our users first (check out our Mobile Gov User Experience Guidelines and Recommendations), we can increase their satisfaction (and encourage return visits).

Treci Johnson is an AmeriCorps VISTA Recruitment, Marketing & Outreach Specialist at the Corporation for National & Community Service.

Originally posted by Treci Johnson on Apr 8, 2014
Apr 8, 2014