Trends on Tuesday: Testing Key to Quality Mobile Products

Mar 25, 2014
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Building quality mobile products is the greatest challenge for succeeding in the mobile space according to an infographic by SmartBear.

One key to developing quality mobile products is testing, as “nearly 50% of consumers will delete an app if they encounter just a single bug.”

As a result the following processes are used to ensure a quality mobile app:

  • Manual Testing – 27.96%
  • Automated Testing – 18.16%
  • API Testing – 16.12%
  • Load Testing – 14.76%
  • Production Monitoring – 11.17%
  • Tool-Assisted Code Review – 9.42%
  • Don’t Know – 1.84%
  • Other – <1%

The infographic points out that while manual testing is the single most important process used to ensure quality, Automated, API and Load testing comprise almost 50% of processes utilized.

The good news for mobile apps is that both developers and testers are involved in testing mobile apps:

  • Developers and testers – 64.37%
  • Testers – 21.55%
  • Developers – 8.05%
  • Don’t Know – 4.89%
  • Don’t Test – 1.15%

Testing is an important part of any mobile app/web development and is why the Mobile Application Development Application program offers mobile testing resources and guidelines. The program also offers the opportunity to have your mobile web product tested with the Federal Crowdsource Mobile Testing Program.

Originally posted by Jacob Parcell on Mar 25, 2014

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Mar 25, 2014