Crowdhall, Tint Now Available for Federal Use

Feb 5, 2014
Computer key that says social media in blue

It’s been a busy few months negotiating Terms of Service on behalf of the federal government, and we’re happy to announce CrowdHall and Tint are now available and that the Tumblr agreement has been updated for the first time in almost 2 years.

CrowdHall allows you to open an online town hall in a short amount of time, in order to host public or private Q&A sessions between a large number of people and up to five hosts. It also allows you to host public or private forums in which a large number of people submit and prioritize the best ideas, suggestions or complaints. All experiences can be open for as little or as long as you like. Additionally, halls can be embedded on an existing website and each experience includes a detailed analytics report.

CrowdHall logo

Tint allows you to collect and display social media feeds. You can aggregate and curate from any Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+ account and any RSS into one hub. You can then easily embed it into any website, mobile app, Facebook Page, or event wall.

Tint logo

And Tumblr just released an updated online Terms of Service and no longer has a separate federal-compatible amendment. Agencies have been patiently awaiting the new TOS since Tumblr was acquired by Yahoo in August 2013.

Tumblr logo

The online agreements for all three are listed among the tools and apps with fed-friendly Terms of Service. You can share these agreements with your agency’s Point-of-Contact for Terms of Service and your agency’s counsel to see if these tools are approved for use at your agency and if they are a good fit for your program.