Content Management Systems Used by Government Agencies

Here’s a list of Content Management Systems (CMS) used by government agencies. For more information, please contact each agency to learn about their experience with that product or system.

Disclaimer: This list is intended solely as a resource for government employees who manage government websites. This is an unofficial list for informational purposes only. DigitalGov does not endorse the products or services listed below.

We do our best to keep the list current based on information we get from agencies. However, accuracy is not assured. If you have additions or changes, please see the box at the end of this page to submit them.

Federal Government

Agency or website (Tool, product or service)

Agriculture (Drupal 8)

Central Intelligence Agency (Plone)

Commerce (Drupal)

Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Drupal 8)

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Wagtail)

Consumer Product Safety Commission (EpiServer)

Defense (DotNetNuke)

Education (Drupal/WordPress)

Energy (Drupal)

Environmental Protection Agency (Drupal)

Farm Credit Administration (Serena Collage [not presently using it])

Federal Communications Commission (Drupal/Documentum)

Federal Election Commission (Wagtail)

Federal Reserve Board of Governors (RedDot)

Federal Trade Commission (Drupal)

General Services Administration (Drupal)

Health & Human Services (Percussion)

Homeland Security (Interwoven TeamSite)

Housing and Urban Development (Oracle WebCenter)

Interior (Drupal PaaS)

Justice (Currently migrating to Drupal; expected completion: Spring 2015)

Labor (None)

Library of Congress (Interwoven)

Millenium Challenge Corporation (ExpressionEngine)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Digital Asset Manager, eTouch Systems)

National Archives & Records Administration (Drupal)

National Credit Union Administration (MS SharePoint 2010)

National Endowment for the Arts (Drupal 7)

National Institute of Standards and Technology (Drupal)

National Labor Relations Board (Drupal)

National Science Foundation (ePublish)

Office of Personnel Management (Umbraco)

Open World Leadership Center (Drupal 7)

Peace Corps (Wagtail for external, Sharepoint for intranet)

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (Drupal 7)

Recovery Accountability & Transparency Board (SharePoint)

Securities & Exchange Commission (Drupal)

Senate (Documentum)

Small Business Administration (Drupal)

Smithsonian Institution (Interwoven)

Social Security Administration (None)


  • (WordPress)
  • Consular Affairs Percussion [Intranet])
  • U.S. Embassy Websites (WordPress)
  • IRM Business Center (In-house [PortalX 1.3])

Tennessee Valley Authority (Dreamweaver/WordPress)

Transportation (Drupal)

Treasury (Microsoft SharePoint)

United States Agency for International Development (Documentum)

U.S. Congress, Congressional Budget Office (Drupal public website, SharePoint intranet)

United States Courts (Sitefinity [Intranet])

United States Postal Service (Broadvision [e-commerce]/Interwoven [])

Veterans Affairs (TeamSite)

Voice of America (Pangea)

White House (WordPress)

State Government

Agency or website (Tool, product or service)

Arizona Government Information Technology Agency (Mambo)

California (Broadvision)

Georgia Department of Human Services (Vignette)

Hawaii Department of Taxation (Plone 3.0.5)

Illinois (Microsoft SharePoint)

Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision (Drupal 8)

Massachusetts (Percussion)

Michigan (Vignette)

Missouri Department of Conservation (Drupal)

Nevada (Ektron CMS 400 8.6)

New York Department of Environmental Conservation (RedDot)



Local Government

Agency or website (Tool, product or service)

Arlington County, Virginia (WordPress)

City of Fort Worth, Texas (Ektron)

City of Killeen, Texas (

City of Newport News (Plone)

City of Wheaton, Illinois (Commercial Product/Dreamweaver)

County of Santa Clara Public Portal (Vignette)

Douglas County, Colorado (Stellent)

Morris County, New Jersey (WordPress)