Understanding the Digital Analytics Program

The Digital Analytics Program (DAP) offers advanced, easy web analytics for federal agencies.
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Make data-informed decisions

Learn how to use custom reports to turn the DAP data into actionable insights.

Reading time: 2 minutes

After adding the Digital Analytics Program (DAP) code to collect DAP data, be sure to use it to understand how the public interacts with your agency websites and make data-informed decisions to improve their experience.

Run custom reports

The DAP team offers several custom reports to deliver website traffic, usage metrics, and user demographics and engagement data.

Watch the video below, Guide to the Digital Analytics Program (DAP): How to find info on user devices, regions, & languages, to learn about the three user-detailed reports for User Device, User Region, and User Language.

Watch the video below, Guide to the Digital Analytics Program (DAP): How to find info on traffic, engagement, and downloads, to learn about four other user-detailed reports: User Traffic (Channel), User Traffic (Source/Medium), User Engagement, and User Downloads.


DAP is for governmentwide use, and only the DAP team has admin rights to create dashboards and manage users in DAP.

For more administrative control over reporting and user management, the DAP team encourages participating agencies to implement other web analytics tools in addition to DAP.

Create notifications for custom insights

You can create custom insights to define conditions that detect changes in your data that are important to you. When the conditions are triggered, you see the insights on the Insights dashboard, and you can optionally receive email alerts. By default, all users on a property see all triggered custom insights in the Insight dashboard.

Do you have a question for the DAP team? Send an email to, and they’ll get back to you.