Workforce Modernization Workshop Part 1: Attract and Retain the Best Talent to Better Serve Our Citizens

Monday, November 18, 2019 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET

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Join [IT Modernization Centers of Excellence] ( Director of Workforce Solutions, [Nina Bianchi] (, in this two-hour in-person workshop to explore trends and barriers in the federal workforce transformation. You will learn insights identified from over 80 human-centered management workshops that Nina has led in the federal government since joining as a Presidential Innovation Fellow in September 2017. This workshop will be interactive and include collaborative human-centered brainstorming activities to help drive solutions that grow lifelong learning in the government.

Let’s imagine a future where the federal government is the employer of choice for the next generation of leaders. We’ll tackle some questions, such as: How do we cultivate an environment of lifelong learning in the government where all stakeholders win?, and How might we foster learning cultures to meet evolving talent roles within the federal government?

We’ll also examine various themes and topics, including:

  • the notion that transformation relies on a culture that embraces innovation;
  • that the adoption of emerging technology is made possible because ongoing learning is accessible and attractive;
  • and that a world-class government culture is achievable if it inspires employees at every level to focus on results, and it invests in continuous improvement to modernize agency operations.

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