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Introduction to Search.gov

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET

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Search.gov is a self-service, plug-and-play search solution that federal agencies can use to provide a high-quality search experience to their website’s users.

In this online event, we’ll provide a basic overview of Search.gov’s essential features and tour its Admin Center.

What we’ll cover

  • Creating an account, adding a site, and managing users
  • Setting up your search: defining Domains to search; refining results through Collections; curating results through Best Bets, pulling in social media content – blogs, photos, videos, and more!
  • Analyzing searchers’ behavior through analytics
  • Branding your results page and deciding which features to turn on
  • Indexing your content with Search.gov and activating your search

Search.gov is a service of the General Services Administration, supporting the search boxes on over 2,000 websites, across 30% of federal domains.

For more information about Search.gov, email search@support.digitalgov.gov, or call 202-969-7426.

Questions about this event or future events? Send them to digitalgovu@gsa.gov.

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