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Zachary Lerner

Zachary Lerner is the Content Manager for the Professional Services Hallway on the Acquisition Gateway and has been in that role since August 2014. Zachary joined U.S. General Services Administration’s Federal Acquisition Service in July 2009, and has previously worked as a project manager with an emphasis on sustainability and mobility projects within GSA’s Northeast and Caribbean in New York City. He is still involved with national sustainability initiatives in his new role in GSA’s Northwest/Arctic Region.

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HUD’s Switchboard Puts Customer Experience and Customer Service Together

Customer experience is about making sure needs are met. It’s certainly not a new concept for business; every bookstore has a customer service section. Government agencies are slightly different though. Often people are driven to public services by need or regulation, not choice. Government traditionally didn’t need to court positive attention. The increasing prominence of
Aug 27, 2015

Federal Student Aid Customer Experience Journey: A Recap

Customer Experience (CX) deserves a voice at an agency’s senior levels. Putting CX
Aug 14, 2015