Sarah Kaczmarek

You Have the Data, Make the Most of It

With Web analytics tools you have the data to see what citizens really want on your website and how well you are delivering. You have an opportunity to make informed decisions on improvements to your site to reflect the voice of the customer and get constituents what they need. Here are three key steps to help you get started making the most of your data. You can also download and use my new quarterly report metrics template, check out other reporting templates, and read up on Google Analytics for government.

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Visualizing Federal Data

At the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) we have a long history of using data graphics in our reports and congressional testimonies to explain our findings. From photographs, tables, and charts in the 1950s; to computer-generated data graphics in the mid-1980s; to the complex interactive graphics we’re just starting to use this year, our graphics have been critical in helping decision makers understand relationships and see trends in federal data.

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New Google Analytics for Government Training Manual

Looking for a training manual on how to use Google Analytics for your agency? Here’s your answer. I released a second edition of my Google Analytics for Government training manual. Download your copy today**** (PDF, 4.94 MB, 65 pages, May 2014) and be sure to check out my other resources on creating awesome Web analytics reports. Excerpt from the Google Analytics for Government, Second Edition Welcome to the Second Edition of Google Analytics for Government Two years ago when I set out to write a manual on using Google Analytics to improve government websites, I never imagined how far this manual would travel.

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When Sharing Buttons Work

At the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) we use sharing buttons on our website to help people share content from web pages with their colleagues and friends. With one click, a user can post a page’s link to popular social networking sites or send it via email. The article To Use Social Sharing Buttons or Not looks at some ways that social sharing buttons are actually used. Here’s a look at what works for us.

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Customize Your Own Amazing Social Media Report Infographic

Social Media Community of Practice developed a set of baseline social media metrics to help you assess whether your efforts are achieving the results you want. How do you take the next step and present your data in a way that tells a comprehensive story and grabs your stakeholders’ attention? Sarah Kaczmarek, from GAO, developed an infographic template to help you bring together your data in one amazing report. You can also use the template to help you present answers to seven key questions about your social media channels:

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Creating Awesome Web Analytics Reports and Presentations

Collecting visitor, engagement, and traffic data for your digital channels is nothing new. By this time, you have a lot of data about your website. How do you use and present that data to make meaningful recommendations? How do you use the data to tell a story and grab your stakeholders’ attention? Sarah Kaczmarek, from GAO, has worked with GSA on a series of webinars to answer these questions.

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