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Introducing USWDS 2.0

Today’s update introduces a powerful toolkit of new features to help make creating useful, consistent digital services faster, simpler, and more fun.
Apr 08, 2019

Introducing Accessibility for Teams

A quick-start guide for embedding accessibility and inclusive design into a team’s workflow.
Jul 10, 2018

A First Look at USWDS 2.0

This month, the USWDS team will share what’s coming up in version 2.0 which is set to launch later this summer.
Jul 06, 2018

How to Integrate the Draft U.S. Web Design Standards into Existing Projects

One of the most common questions we receive is: Should I integrate the Draft U.S. Web Design Standards into my existing project? The answer is: it depends. A lot of design research supports the notion that many people who use government websites or services may benefit from consistency across interactions, user experiences, and behavior across
Mar 25, 2016

Introducing the U.S. Web Design Standards

Joanne is a young Army Veteran who is looking to make use of her GI Bill Benefits and apply for federal student loans to attend college. In trying to access the federal programs which will allow her to afford college, Joanne must navigate the websites of multiple agencies. She finds dozens of government websites which
Sep 28, 2015