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GSA |Washington, DC

Marina Fox leads GSA's DotGov Domain Services in the Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP). She has 20+ years of experience in data analysis, business intelligence and enterprise reporting, web performance analysis, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data. Previously, Marina led a government-wide Digital Analytics Program (DAP) at GSA. Prior to becoming a public servant, Marina held various analytical and leadership roles at Deloitte, AOL, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Dow Jones. Her LinkedIn account is below.

News and Events

The Golden Metric

Are you looking for the “golden metric” that is the best measure of your agency’s website performance and cross-comparable across .gov websites? If so, stop looking. The concept of the golden metric is a dangerous one because it oversimplifies performance analysis of your website and overlooks the truth
Jun 19, 2014

Digital Analytics Program (DAP): Oceans of Data

In the last 15 months, the federal Digital Analytics Program (DAP) monthly Web traffic has grown to more than 1.1 billion views gov-wide, providing Web analytics to 29 U.S. federal cabinet-level agencies and nearly 3,000 public-facing government Web properties.
Apr 01, 2014

Getting Started with the Digital Analytics Program

The Digital Analytics Program (DAP) is delighted to announce the launch of a DAP user group and new training program. These initiatives will support DAP users in getting the most from their implementation. The kick-off for this user group will be on Thursday, September 12, 2013, when we will
Sep 03, 2013

Digital Metrics for Federal Agencies

Digital metrics are critical for measuring, analyzing, and reporting on the effectiveness of your Web, mobile, social media, and other digital channels. Every agency should have a metrics strategy to measure performance, customer satisfaction, and engagement, and use the data to make continuous improvements to serve its customers. Part 1: Common Metrics: Guidance, Best Practices, and
Jul 15, 2013

comScore Report, October 2012

In October 2012, comScore, a Web analytics research company, released an independently produced report that analyzes 75 federal agency websites on a range of quantitative and qualitative factors.
Nov 14, 2012