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David Lipscomb

David Lipscomb is the Director of the Writing Center and Associate Teaching Professor at Georgetown University. As Vice Chair of the Center for Plain Language, David leads the Center’s Federal Report Card program. At Georgetown, David incorporates plain writing principles into his courses and has designed assignments in which students complete plain writing challenges for a number of government agencies. Currently, he is exploring the ways new research in cognitive psychology lends support to traditional writing advice.

News and Events

Plain Language Report Card

2020 Federal Report Card Briefing

David Lipscomb will review the results of the 2020 Federal Report Card
Jan 13, 2021
Plain Language

Federal Report Card Update

Learn how the Center for Plain Language is approaching the Federal Report Card and what agencies can do to get top grades.
Jul 15, 2020
Plain Language

Federal Plain Language Report Card Planning

Come and help us plan for this year’s federal report card review.
Jul 10, 2019