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Zero Pageviews Is Your Goal: Finding Problem Pages with Website Analytics

Improve customer experience by turning your website analytics upside down to track the numbers for pages you DON’T want visitors to see.
Oct 27, 2020

True Crime Detectives: How We Used Free Web Metrics Tools To Uncover a Cybersecurity Incident

Join as we slowly uncover a conspiracy to scam Americans using fake government websites… and then try to foil the caper!
Oct 26, 2020

Experimenting with SpecialAnnouncement Markup (Updated June 09, 2020)

What learned during its pilot with SpecialAnnouncement markup to make COVID-19 information easier to find in search results.
May 11, 2020

The’s team launched a new analytics dashboard that shows the top pages and topics that are trending on and This gives agencies a better window into the information the public needs most so they can prioritize that information and make it more accessible to their users. — via

Jan 16, 2020


DAP Learning Series: Writing Custom JavaScript for Tag Managers

This online event will focus on how to track specific events and write JavaScript to maximize the tag manager experience
Sep 20, 2018

Analytics Success Series:’s Analytics Success: using analytics data to inform design and responsivity to create a better experience for the user Last year, the team found themselves facing a challenge. We were in need of a new content management system for our websites, and, which help people find and understand the most frequently requested
Oct 17, 2016

How Kids Search

Kids and adults use Web search tools differently. Kids fail more often, because they often don’t have enough knowledge or experience to search using the right keywords, or understand search results. If you’re designing websites for kids, remember that they use search tools differently than adults. Kids prefer surfing over searching.
Aug 06, 2012