Check out’s New Metrics Page

Aug 4, 2017 recently updated its Metrics{.local-link} page to provide greater detail and transparency to the progress of the catalog.

screen capture from metrics page. is primarily a metadata catalog, providing information about, and links to, open datasets made available by federal agencies and participating non-federal sources such as state, county, and city governments. features metadata such as title, description, keywords, contact information, and access or download links for nearly 200,000 datasets. obtains the metadata from federal and non-federal government sources that maintain their metadata following a specific schema. When an agency adds metadata for a new dataset, discovers the addition in the next regularly scheduled “harvest” of the agency’s metadata source (in most cases, on a nightly basis).

The updated Metrics page gives a breakdown of all the datasets currently on You can see the number of federal datasets vs. non-federal, and the number of agencies featured. Scrolling through the page, you can see how many datasets are listed by each agency. Where you see a + symbol, you can expand to see a more detailed breakdown of how many datasets are contributed by components within an agency or a department. The “Latest Entry” column on the right shows the date of the most recent change in an agency’s dataset collection–an addition, deletion, or change in the metadata for a dataset.

The data from the Metrics page itself can be downloaded as a CSV or Excel. A history of the datasets published per month, going back to 2013, is also available. The Metrics page is updated automatically on a nightly basis.

screen capture from metrics page.

For more background on metrics, including how the dataset count is determined, see our updated About page.{.local-link}

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