Trends on Tuesday: Adobe Moves Beyond Flash

Dec 8, 2015

Half a decade since Steve Jobs declared war on Adobe Flash and refused to support it on Apple’s mobile and tablet devices, Flash is finally losing its crown as one of the stand-alone products of Adobe.

An illustration of a film reel merging with a smart phone to represent mobile video

In the announcement, Adobe said, “Flash has played a leading role in bringing new capabilities to the Web. From audio and animation, to interactivity and video, Flash has helped push the Web forward. Today, open standards like HTML5 have matured and provide many of the capabilities that Flash ushered in. Our customers have clearly communicated that they would like our creative applications to evolve to support multiple standards and we are committed to doing that.”

In doing so they’re rebranding/merging Flash into a tool called Animate CC to handle multiple formats of animated content on the Web.

Some government websites still use Flash, though, and need to update to more mobile-friendly, responsive options as the government audience moves closer and closer to mobile-dominated.

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Originally posted by Will Sullivan on Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015