Booking a Discount Bus Ticket? Check Carrier Safety Records with QCMobile

Mar 26, 2015

The new app from the Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration called “QCMobile” empowers U.S. motorists to make safety their highest priority on the roadways this spring. This is a continued theme in DOT’s mobile strategy, as they have also recently released the SaferRide app.

QCMobile Android app
QCMobile (QC stands for “Query Central”) is a free download for anyone interested in reviewing the DOT registration and safety performance information of motor carriers.

The app gives users more convenient access to currently available online safety performance information for interstate truck and bus companies. This means access to information on crashes, safety rating, roadside out-of-service rates, and much more.

QCMobile is an especially valuable tool for law enforcement officers and commercial motor vehicle safety inspectors, as well as insurers, brokers, freight-forwarders and whoever just booked a discount bus ticket online.

No login is required to access safety performance information in the app. Just open the app and start searching for interstate truck and bus companies by name or by DOT or motor carrier number. Select the company you’re interested in, and the app reveals the federal operating status of the carrier, as well as a host of safety information and reports, including:

  • Operating Status
  • Licensing and Insurance
  • BASICs Overview
  • Roadside Out-of-Service Rates
  • Crashes
  • Safety Rating

QCMobile is available via iTunes or the App Store for Apple devices and the Google Play store for Android devices.

You can download these and other cool mobile government apps with just a few clicks from our Federal Mobile Apps Directory. Federal agencies can get their apps in the directory by using the Federal Mobile Products Registry.

Originally posted by Kevin Downey on Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015