Federal Agencies and the Opportunities and Challenges of Big Data

Jun 9, 2014

On June 19, the Obama Administration will continue the conversation on big data as we co-host our fourth big data conference, this time with the Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy’s Massive Data Institute. The conference, “Improving Government Performance in the Era of Big Data; Opportunities and Challenges for Federal Agencies,” will build on prior workshops at MIT, NYU, and Berkeley, and continue to engage both subject matter experts and the public in a national discussion about the future of data innovation and policy.

Drawing from the recent White House working group report, “Big Data: Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values,” this event will focus on the opportunities and challenges posed by federal agencies’ use of data, best practices for sharing data within and between agencies and other partners, and measures the government may use to ensure the protection of privacy and civil liberties in a big data environment.

You can find more information about the workshop and the webcast here.

We hope you will join us!This post was originally published on The White House Blog by Nicole Wong, the U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer at the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy.

Originally posted by Nicole Wong on Jun 9, 2014
Jun 9, 2014