Department of Treasury’s Goes Responsive

Apr 10, 2014

As the rapper Notorious B.I.G. aptly noted in his hit song, “Mo Money” brings “Mo Problems.” Especially when you run up against confusing policies or questionable actions by large national banks and financial institutions.

Now it’s easier than ever to get your questions answered and troubleshoot your banking issues on-the-go with the mobile-optimized from the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The site, which has been formatted into responsive design, serves a variety of screen types—from smartphones to tablets to laptops and desktop monitors.

Regardless of how you connect to this site, you can quickly find clear answers to multitudes of questions pertaining to cashing checks and mortgage payments to credit card disputes and bank fees. Perhaps you’ve wondered:

  • “I wrote a check and post dated it. However, the bank cashed it prior to the date written on the check. Can the bank do this?”—Yes. And here’s why.
  • “This month my [credit card payment] due date falls on a Sunday. I mailed my credit card payment and it has not arrived yet. If the payment is received on Monday, will it be considered late?”—It depends. And here’s why.
  • “The bank notified my that there was a shortage in my escrow account and increased my [mortgage] payments. Is this legal?”—Yes. And here’s why.

It might happen that after exhausting all the Qs and As, you find you need to take further action with your banking institution, credit card company or lender. If so, you can easily File a Complaint, Check Case Status and Contact the Customer Assistance Group for help, right from the upper right hand side of the main page. is an easy-to-navigate and widely accessible site that leverages the power of plain language to demystify the way financial institutions do business with consumers. You could say it’s worth its weight in virtual gold—particularly for those for whom mobile Web access is the ONLY access.

_Learn more about responsive design in this [recent blog post]( "Why Go Responsive? Here’s What Feds Are Saying"). And remember: A rich selection of government mobile apps can be downloaded 24/7 by visiting the [ Apps Gallery]( (And you can take that to the bank.)_
Apr 10, 2014