Managing, Measuring and Archiving with Hootsuite

Feb 10, 2014

Federal workers need to know more in social media than just how to send a tweet. Among other things, you also need to manage multiple accounts across platforms and languages; measure and report performance; and archive posts and comments for the public record.

Screenshot of Hootsuite showing two Twitter streams

We dispelled the notion that technology limits agencies from tackling these challenges by highlighting how agencies can achieve all these in one dashboard — and in the process hope it opened eyes to all the possibilities available to government.

Eve Belanger, Strategic Account Manager, and Sajji Hussain at HootSuite, one of the services available to agencies with a federal-friendly terms of service, joined DigitalGov University to share how agencies could use the HootSuite dashboard to address these crucial needs.

Highlights of the presentation include:

  • Using tabs and streams to monitor feeds and hashtags
  • Archiving tweets, even from search streams
  • Building analytics reports through engagement templates or customize to fit your needs

You can view a recording of the presentation below:

Remember, this webinar covered just one of many ways available to agencies to help manage their social media programs — as part of our effort to offer social media training throughout each month, if you have an idea for an upcoming webinar please contact us at

Also, don’t forget to RSVP for our next #socialgov training: “State of the Social Gov 2014,” where you can learn more about DigitalGov social media services, along with our shared plans for the coming year.

Originally posted by Justin Herman on Feb 10, 2014

GSA | Washington D.C.

Feb 10, 2014