Trends on Tuesday: Would You Trade Your Latte For Your Mobile Device?

Nov 12, 2013

Recently, Mobile Marketing Watch published Sprint’s interesting infographic showing how executives use their mobile devices.

“Would you trade your latte or morning cup of coffee for your mobile phone?” Sprint asked business professional executives. According to the results of their survey, turns out business professionals would rather have their smartphones than their coffee. Mobile devices are becoming more essential in how people get work done and stay connected. With high speed mobile networks available, it is now more possible to download large files and connect to the web, all while mobile. In addition business professionals;

  • 43% send more than 20 emails per day from their mobile device
  • 67% have between 10-50 apps on their smartphones
  • 63% use Facebook
  • 54% use Linkedin
  • 45% will only turn off or silence their smartphones when asked or required

As we’ve noted with other demographics like children, Latinos, and now executives, this trend shows the ever increasing presence of mobile devices. It’s more proof that agencies need to think Mobile First on current and future projects. On another note, if you are willing to trade your latte or morning joe for your mobile device, you may want to consider switching your brand of coffee!

Originally posted by Lisa Wilcox on Nov 12, 2013
Nov 12, 2013