Trends on Tuesday: Companies Use Mobile for Brand Loyalty

Sep 3, 2013

A recent survey of 100 retailers by EPiServer found that 46 percent of those with a mobile strategy in place and 74 percent of those planning to launch one soon said they are using mobile primarily to increase customer loyalty or provide a more personalized experience for customers. In comparison, only 8 percent said they use their mobile strategy for sales.

It’s speculated that the brand strategy was used when organizations felt they could not beat other companies with lower prices on products. As the infographic illustrates, mobile transactions generally account for less than 20% of the transactions completed.

Federal agencies who are thinking mobile first should consider strategies that create personalized experiences or enhance user loyalty. For example, upon smartphone launch the MyTSA app displays local airport delays and security line times in real time. This action personalizes the user experience and let’s them know there is a place to find this information quickly when they need it in the future.