NOAA’s Whale Alert – Ship Strike Reduction for Right Whales App

Jul 25, 2013

Mariners now have an anytime, anywhere resource to aid in the reduction of ship and right whale collisions.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in collaboration with other groups in both the private and public sector, has developed an app for the iPhone and iPad which helps to reduce collisions between ships and the endangered right whales. By providing existing NOAA data and information in one easy to access location displayed on NOAA nautical charts, in addition real time GPS position tracking, vessel operators are more easily able to avoid collision with whales.

Whale Alert features include:

  • NOAA Atlantic Seasonal Management Areas
  • NOAA Atlantic Dynamic Management Areas
  • NOAA Atlantic Recommended Routes
  • NOAA Atlantic MSR Boundaries
  • NOAA and IMO Atlantic designated Areas-to-be-Avoided
  • Receipt of Acoustic Buoy detections and Dynamic Management Areas via Internet or AIS over WIFINear Real-time Boston-area Acoustic Whale Detection Buoys
  • Seamless Nautical Chart of the Atlantic Coast
  • GPS Position Tracking and Alert for Entering Management Areas

Whale Alert serves as a great example of mobile government applying both geolocation technology and agency data to better serve the citizens.

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Originally posted by Brandon Barr on Jul 25, 2013
Jul 25, 2013