USAID, HHS & DOL Mobile Gov App Challenge Winners

Mar 7, 2013

One way federal agencies create Mobile Gov products is through third party development. Some agencies use platforms like to get the word out to developers and there have been 3 mobile app challenge awards so far this year.

  • Last week the mWomen Design Challenge announced winners. Supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), it asked developers to help redefine mobile user experiences for women in resource-poor settings. The winner was “Sahal Shake” which gives women control over their phone resources, providing prominent airtime and battery management widgets along with cost-conscious phone sharing and emergency SMS features.
  • The Department of Health and Human Services announced winners of the Million Hearts Risk Check Challenge, which asked developers to create an app to help the millions of Americans at risk for cardiovascular disease take action to improve their health. The winner was Heart Health Mobile, which provides information about a person’s risk for heart disease based on a variety of health factors. You can see other winners and finalists here.
  • The Department of Labor’s Worker Safety and Health App Challenge asked developers to use publicly available government information (i.e., DOL/OSHA data, NIOSH data, and other online government resources) to educate young workers on the safety and health risks in real work scenarios. The winner was “Working Safely is No Accident” and you can see other winners here.

Check out for other government mobile product challenges.