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Short URLs have become an essential part of social media communications. They make it easy to share long links with your audience and let you track clicks on your links. Unfortunately, short URLs can create a poor user experience. A short URL could take a user to a trustworthy site or a spam site, but a user would have no way of knowing before he or she clicks. That’s why has made it easy for people to create short, trustworthy .gov URLs that only point to official U.S. government information. is a URL shortener that lets anyone with a government email address create short, trustworthy .gov URLs. only shortens government URLs—that is: .mil, .gov,,, and URLs. You must have a verifiable U.S. federal, state, or local government email address to register for a account. Visit to sign up now. Using is easy: Just sign in, copy and paste the government URL and click shorten. Over 12,000 government employees already use and have shortened more than 340,000 URLs.

Quick Facts

  • The public can click on URLs knowing they will lead to official U.S. government information.
  • tracks the number of clicks each shortened URL receives, allowing users to measure the impact of their outreach.
  • is open source and was developed in Drupal. If you would like to contribute to future enhancements, please contact us.

If you have questions about short URLs, please send us an e–mail.

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