Zach Goldfine

A Year in the Life of a PIF

As a Presidential Innovation Fellow in my second year, I often get asked by the newer class of PIFs coming in, “What does a successful PIF year typically look like?” At the beginning of my first year, a former PIF shared advice on what made her first year as a PIF in government a success. I distilled the advice I was given below and added observations from other successful PIFs in my cohort.

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Out On the Front Lines of Civic Tech

This post was originally published on We have the best jobs in government, period. Each day we wake up empowered to solve critical issues facing public safety, national security, healthcare, and transportation. As Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF), we are part of our nation’s Technology Transformation Services at the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). We joined the federal government as entrepreneurs-in-residence to help federal agencies provide more accessible, efficient, and effective products and services to the American people and to tackle tough national problems.

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