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Wendy Wagner-Smith


A professional trainer for nearly 20 years, Wendy Wagner-Smith is a career communications professional and expert in plain language and usable design. Currently a senior writer-editor for the Small Business Administration, Wendy has taught plain language to employees in more than 55 agencies and offices of the federal government, as well as state and local governments across the country. From 2012 to 2018, Wendy was the training coordinator for the federal Plain Language Action and Information Network (PLAIN), managing a corps of volunteer instructors and coordinating all of the plain language training requests from across the government.

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Plain Language

Positioning Yourself as a Plain Language Editor

Learn how to brand yourself as a plain language expert and get the credit at work that you deserve!
May 19, 2021

Virtual Teaching: Plain Language

Come and learn how to keep students engaged and focused during an online class.
Feb 10, 2021

Get Out of the Jargon Trap: Plain Language Training Can Help

The Plain Language Action and Information Network (PLAIN) is the official federal working group designated to help agencies with plain language, including training. PLAIN offers free 3.5-hour classes in the principles of plain language and plain language for Web writing.
Aug 15, 2014