Jacqueline Snee

Jacqueline Snee is a Customer Experience Strategist for the Customer Experience Team within GSA’s Federal Citizen Information Center. While she loves all aspects of customer experience, her passion is employee engagement. If you are interested in sharing best practices or have any questions, contact her via email.

CX Data in Action Series: Case Study #1

It’s not new that agencies are inundated with data, but what data should you collect to improve your agency’s programs and enhance the customer experience? The Department of Labor’s Employee Benefit Security Administration’s (EBSA) has been perfecting their process to collect actionable data for the past 14 years. EBSA is a regulatory agency that develops and enforces private sector employee benefit plans, such as 401Ks, traditional pensions, and health care benefit plans.

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Using Customer Feedback to Improve HealthCare.gov

We recently polled the Customer Experience Community of Practice (CX-COP) to discover what kinds of training people needed most to improve customer experience at their agency. The most requested topic was measurement: specifically tools, analytics, and how to turn customer data into action. To learn how agencies such as the Department of Health and Human Services use data to inform customer understanding and make program improvements, we invited Jon Booth, Director of Web and New Media at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), to speak to the CX-COP via a webinar on Using Customer Feedback to Improve HealthCare.

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New Kid in Town: The Customer Experience Community

Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goals prioritize activities that all agencies must tackle each year. An important CAP Goal for 2015 addresses customer service and compels federal agencies to improve the quality of service the public receives from the federal government. To build on the momentum of this goal, the government Customer Experience Community of Practice (CX-COP) was launched in early 2015. The CX-COP supports collaboration and sharing among government customer experience practitioners.

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How the Nationals’ Customer Experience Principles Can Be a Home Run for Agencies

In June, the new Customer Experience Community of Practice (CX-COP) hosted Jonathan Stahl, Executive Director of Ballpark Operations and Guest Experience of the Washington Nationals, to share best practices on how to deliver a great customer experience. Below are four insights he shared. Develop and Share Core Values The Nationals’ core organizational values are excellence, performance and accountability. The core values are posted prominently wherever employees gather, such as break rooms, on the way to the field, and in offices.

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What Do Dear Abby and the Federal Government Have in Common?

Lots of people ask us questions. So it only makes sense for us to partner up to answer some of those questions. Since the 1970’s, USA.gov has partnered with Dear Abby to help get free printed government publications on a variety of topics (health, disaster preparedness, caring for aging loved ones, etc.) into the hands of the people who need them most. While much of the work at USA.

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What is a “Customer Centric” Culture – Part 2

Since April of 2011 when President Obama signed Executive Order 13571 mandating agencies improve the quality of service they give to the public, agencies have been working through strategies to best fulfill this task. We at GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies (OCSIT) were no exception. Back in September of 2013, we wrote a blog about how important it is for a Customer Experience (CX) Program to have shared principles and values, as well as understanding who our customers are and their expectations.

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