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Chris Rottler

Chris Rottler leads digital analytics at the Peace Corps

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Making Customer Satisfaction Data Actionable at the Peace Corps

Learn how measuring customer experience helped inform and guide website development at Peace Corps
Jan 30, 2018

Touring Top Colleges with the Peace Corps

I wanted to share our first dabble with data storytelling, a visualization supporting the Peace Corps Top Colleges initiative led by our awesome press team. Our goal was to enhance and expand the experience of the Top Colleges campaign and use of the data beyond the usual suspects like infographics, and other assets to show
Feb 24, 2016

Optimizing Social at Peace Corps: Not a Zero-Sum Game

At the Peace Corps, we continually try to find new ways to test, measure and optimize our marketing and communications initiatives. Recently, we embarked on a project to design a framework to test and optimize content on the social media platforms we use to engage our stakeholders. This process required us to reboot our expectations in terms of
Oct 02, 2015

Taking a Data-Driven Approach to Digital Marketing at the Peace Corps

What exactly does being “data-driven” mean for digital marketing and communications practitioners in the federal government? It is easy to be awed by the new shiny platforms and services that promise to change how things are done in government. Fundamentally, though, it is thinking about analytics not just from a descriptive mindset but one of
Aug 05, 2015