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Andrew Weber

Andrew Weber, Legislative Information Systems Manager, has been at the Law Library of Congress since June 2004. He runs the Law Library's Twitter account and Facebook page and works to develop and implement new features for

News and Events 2017 Spring Cleaning: Download Search Results and Advanced Search Enhancements

Spring is a beautiful time of year in Washington, D.C. The temperature warms up; the cherry blossoms are out; and we frequently have an update of to share. In 2015 we added treaties and web-friendly bill text, and in 2016 we expanded the quick search feature. Today there is another round of enhancements to the Library of Congress website for
Apr 25, 2017 Homepage Highlights, Alerts, and More Enhancements

This has been an exciting and successful year for We accomplished a major milestone when we retired THOMAS in July. Over the course of 2016, we completed a number of enhancements to In April we expanded quick search to include the Congressional Record, Committee Reports, Nominations, Treaty Documents, and Communications. In May we launched several new RSS feeds and
Nov 16, 2016