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Andrew Maier

GSA | Washington, DC

Andrew Maier is a designer and researcher with 18F.

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Dalia El-Shimy on Mixed Methods Design Research

How should designers collect data and how can they use that data to inform their work? Dalia El-Shimy, UX Research Lead at Shopify’s Montreal Office, will share how her team uses mixed methods research in support of its design decisions.
Feb 27, 2019

An introduction to usability testing, why it’s important, and how to talk about things that aren’t required to do a usability test. — via 18F

Dec 10, 2018

Build Empathy With Stakeholder Interviews, Part 2: Conversation

How to run user-interviews and synthesize and integrate the results into the teams shared understanding
Jul 29, 2016

Build Empathy With Stakeholder Interviews, Part 1: Preparation

What stakeholder interviews are, why they’re valuable, and how to prepare for them.
Jul 01, 2016