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Have a case study to share? Did your team recently launch something new? Here is what we’re looking for.

While our primary mission is helping agencies implement new technologies or innovations to increase public experience, has several channels to reach our stakeholders. We send out a newsletter, host informational blog posts, resources, and videos on our site, as well as offer various learning opportunities.

We regularly accept content for this site from various federal agencies. Learn more about what our readers need »

  • News, Updates, and Blog Posts — Examples of other agencies’ success are some of the most powerful tools toward convincing colleagues to follow modern practices. We are looking for posts that show what your team is working on, what challenges you’re facing, or how you’re working to make digital better for the public.
  • Case Studies — We are looking for examples of what agencies are doing, case studies, or collections of validated federal-wide news that has an impact on digital in one spot.
  • Informational Events — provides a range of free events for people and teams across the federal government.
  • Resources, Tools, and Services — To help agencies confidently take steps toward working smarter, we try to collect a list of available implementation playbooks, guidance documents, checklists, toolkits, style guides, and other similar content organized by specific topic areas.

Submission Considerations

Just a few quick notes to consider before submitting your contribution request:

  • Your Organization — We cannot accept promotional content or pitches from vendors. If content is about programs at your agency, you must have it reviewed and approved by your agency’s communications team before submitting.
  • Format — We can post content in various formats, including presentations, video, and written prose. We also link to content posted by other agencies. As is required for any online content, please make sure that your submission and any related files are accessible and mobile-friendly.
  • Length — We generally like to keep people’s attention so we just ask that you consider your reader or audience.
  • Style and Editing — follows the Associated Press (AP) Style Guide and general Plain Language guidance. When we make edits, it’s usually to ensure that your content reaches and engages our audience. View our full Style Guide.
  • Visuals/Media — Photos, screenshots, charts, and other visuals help engage the reader and keep them interested in your content. If you have visuals that we can include, please try to identify the highest resolution of the file possible (i.e., usually anything 150 dpi or greater works best) and we can work with you to adjust the image to an appropriate format and file size. Alternative text also must be provided for accessibility tools like screen readers.
  • Timing — We generally try to post content within two weeks of your submission. Events are most successful when we post them four weeks out from the event date. So we ask that you take this into account before submitting an event. Videos from events are usually posted within a week after an event once closed captioning and other supporting information is available.

What Our Readers Need

Through our user research, we have found that there are three things product managers in government need to be successful in their work.

Tools and Resources

This information is crucial to modernizing services and much of it is government-specific, dealing with the various rules, regulations and policies.

Access to the right tools and resources will help them confidently take steps toward working smarter, iterating more frequently and delivering better, more effective services to the public.

Some examples

Examples of problems being solved in government

Examples of other agencies’ success are some of the most powerful tools toward convincing colleagues to follow modern practices.

They want more information that is specific to government — examples of what agencies are doing; case studies; collections of validated federal-wide news that has an impact on digital in one spot.

Some examples

Start Collaborating

Here are some ways to start collaborating

This guidance stems from qualitative user research we conducted with over nearly two dozen federal members of our audience — content managers, designers, developers, innovation leaders — who are involved with all aspects of agencies’ digital services.

As we found in listening to them, they are working against incredible odds, and yet continuously exhibit a desire to be resourceful, perseverant, and resilient. We should all be proud to call them civil servants. ❤️