Software/Apps Challenges: Getting Results for Your Agency

Feb 4, 2014

Federal agencies are rapidly finding that software and/or app prize competitions have the potential to harness innovative ideas from the public. But as with any type of challenge, software/app competitions bring with them a unique set of aspects to consider before launch.

Brandon Kessler, founder and CEO of ChallengePost, was our guest on a DigitalGov University webinar to talk about the things you need to account for in order to run a successful software/app challenge. ChallengePost has hosted many of the top challenges of the genre (great examples include EPA’s “Apps for the Environment” and Dept. of the Treasury’s “My Money App Up“, among others). As a result, Brandon had some great expertise and insights to share.

Highlights of the discussion include:

  • Making sure the challenge is meaningful to a developer audience
  • Keeping data and/or API documentation clear and user-friendly
  • Developing a smart marketing plan around your challenge
  • Considerations regarding rules such as eligibility, submission requirements, and intellectual property

In case you missed it, you can watch the recording below:

If you like what you see here, please register for our next DigitalGov University and webinar, “Running a Successful Video Challenge” with special guests Jason Crusan of NASA and James DeJulio of Tongal, where we’ll tackle the unique aspects of crowdsourcing videos.

Hope to see you there!

Originally posted by Tim Lowden on Feb 4, 2014


Feb 4, 2014