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Providing federal employees with seminars on leadership, professional development, and strategy.

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The Federal Leadership and Professional Development community of practice connects approximately 4,500 federal employees and is steadily growing. The initiative provides an avenue to:

  1. bring employees together (despite barriers to connection, such as geographic distance);
  2. provide free training (as training resources are often limited)
  3. share federal leader expertise and successful strategies for common goals and hurdles (since we can go further, faster, by working together).

The community hosts free seminars throughout the year for a broad federal audience that includes: budding leaders who wish to lead where they are, individuals striving to attain leadership positions one day, those managing leadership development programs, and seasoned leaders wishing to learn from other federal leaders.

Attendance may be in-person (usually in Rockville, Maryland) or remote (by webinar or phone).

The community began as a seminar series; a grassroots effort to help support federal employees from within.

What we do

Our community’s goals are to facilitate:

  1. Connection between federal employees and with federal communities of practice.
  2. Sharing federal expertise, lessons learned, successful strategies, and new requirements.
  3. Problem solving for common hurdles.
  4. Professional development opportunities without fees for all levels of federal employees.
  5. Access to seminar series resources and other learning opportunities.
  6. Partnership with and PROMOTION of similar efforts.

Our vision is to build, retain, and connect a more collaborative, engaged, and capable workforce with the tools and expertise needed to more efficiently and effectively serve the public.

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Who We Are

Community Manager Kim M. Wittenberg is a Health Scientist Administrator at the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). She has over 10 years of systematic review experience at AHRQ. In addition to serving as a Contracting Officer Representative and Program Official, Ms. Wittenberg oversees incoming interagency agreements and provides Section-508 compliance guidance. Between October 2016 and April 2017, she served as a Special Assistant in the Office of Aerospace Medicine during a President’s Management Council (PMC) Leadership Rotation, where she worked on developing processes for identifying, reporting, maintaining, and updating meaningful performance measures. Following the PMC Rotation, Ms. Wittenberg created and chaired a Federal Leadership and Professional Development CoP to share lessons learned and foster cross-agency connections, collaborations, and sharing.