This community of practice is for anyone who is interested in government APIs and developer outreach, with a focus on the federal government. APIs are as important to digital government as they are are esoteric and sometimes difficult to understand. This forum exists to help federal agencies share news, ask for help, and expand the use of APIs in government.

How to join

To participate in this community of practice, join the group mailing list. The mailing list is open to anyone, in or out of government.

Community Manager: Gray Brooks

Who we are

The community mailing list is open to everyone, though some events will be limited to those with a federal .gov or .mil email address.

What we do

  • Share API news.
  • Promote newly released APIs and developer hubs.
  • Provide developer feedback for agencies.
  • Help each other better understand APIs, how agencies are using them, and how to work with others at our agency to better understand this topic.

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