Data Cabinet

Welcome to the Data Cabinet: A Federal Data Science Community of Practice

The U.S. Data Cabinet is a community of practice built to advance the adoption of data science best practices. We serve as the principal community of practice for data professionals across the federal government to share proven best practices and critical insights into what’s working “on the front lines” at agencies. The Data Cabinet plays an essential role in advancing data-driven management, maximizing the use of the data, and enhancing problem-solving throughout government.

We do this by focusing on:

  • Education and Training - finding the right talent and keeping them
  • Organizational Change - embracing data-driven decision-making in your organization
  • Data Quality - managing the data life cycle
  • Data Accessibility - making data accessible

Data Value Proposition

The value of data lies in an agency’s ability to use it. Raw data adds value as it moves up the pyramid to become the cornerstone of high-level, high value decisions by leadership.

Valuable data comes from three pillars:

  • Data Management - leads to high quality data
  • Data Governance - ensures the entire agency understands the value and handling of data
  • Data in Action - the strategic value derived from an agency’s efforts

In order to advance data culture, we are built on five principals:

  • Drive Decisions
  • Foster Collaboration
  • Inform and Engage the Public
  • Increase Capabilities
  • Facilitate Product and Service Developments

By combining these pillars and guiding principles, we can empower individuals across government to operationalize data to make informed decisions, maximize the use and ROI of data, and identify options and opportunities for modernizing government through data-driven problem solving.

Who we are

We are 400 strong, with a membership that expands across various data professions and sectors in government. If you have a passion for data, and would like to get more involved or learn what your peers in government is up to, join the Cabinet. We meet monthly to discuss data challenges and share our best practices. We also host speaking events and workshops with our federal partners and industry.

Visit to learn more about our mission and download our publications.

How to Join

To join, send an email to with "subscribe to DATA CABINET” in the subject. Anyone with a .gov or .mil email address is eligible.

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