Resources on Agile

  • Foundations of Agile, Part I

    18F’s Alan Atlas and Alan Brouilette cover the fundamentals of Agile.

  • Foundations of Agile, Part II

    18F’s Alan Atlas and Alan Brouilette cover the fundamentals of Agile.

  • 18F De-risking Guides

    The Federal Field Guide to De-risk Government Technology offers guidance to federal agencies on how to structure software development teams, write contracts, and oversee agile software activities to reduce risks and improve outcomes for end-users.

  • 18F Guide to Product Management

    Best practices on doing product management well

  • 18F Methods

    A collection of tools that describe how teams can put human-centered design into practice.

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  • Innovation Adoption

    Our purpose is to build innovation and intrapreneurship capacity across government by investing in and nurturing innovation, intrapreneurship capabilities, and the innovation experience.

News and Events on Agile

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Join us as we discuss the concept and importance of backlogs and hear real-world examples of successful application in various GSA products and programs.

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Am I doing it right? A checkup for agile teams

Even on the best teams, things need to be monitored and adjusted. If you are doing this for the first time, it can be even harder. In this article, I share some signals of what success looks like and what to do if you are stuck in one of the many common pitfalls. — via 18F

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Mar 23, 2023

Bringing design in-house

What is design, who are designers, and how can they help your agency? Learn how to build a design team that can help your agency solve “wicked problems” and be more innovative.
Jan 27, 2023

Senior Executives Are the Allies Tech Teams Need, Part 1

Senior Executives Are the Allies Tech Teams Need, Part 1—Successfully delivering software in government requires people to work differently. Without clear answers for how to do this, well-intentioned executives and teams default to existing processes that risk undermining their own success. This is part one in a series on how to evolve that relationship. — via 18F

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Jul 20, 2022

Building a User-Centered Data Strategy

Building a User-Centered Data Strategy—Developing a data strategy is challenging, but 18F can help agencies with the process of creating an effective one. Our principles of user-centered design, agile, and iterative delivery can increase an agency’s chance for success in using data more effectively. — via 18F

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Apr 01, 2021

Agile Assessment Guide - Best Practices for Agile Adoption and Implementation

Agile Assessment Guide: Best Practices for Agile Adoption and Implementation—Agile is an approach to software development in which software is developed incrementally and is continuously evaluated for functionality, quality, and customer satisfaction. Agile can reduce the risks of funding a program that fails or produces outdated technology. This GAO guide released in September 2020 presents federal auditors and others with best practices to assess the adoption and use of Agile in federal agencies and elsewhere. It is available in two files: a 268-page PDF, and a 290-page PDF that is accessible. — via Government Accountability Office

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Dec 29, 2020

10x project teams will demonstrate their work to date and provide brief overviews of each project. We hope that these talks will highlight some of the most interesting work happening in government today and inspire others to submit ideas to 10x.
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For those seeking ways to internally re-skill their workforce for digital transformation, a look at mythology reveals a recurring theme where those answering the call are involved in an iterative cycle of ‘leveling-up’, a theme that may help change-agents set conditions for successful retention and growth of organic digital talent.
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