10x funds technology-focused ideas from federal employees with an aim to improve the experience all people have with our government.

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6 lessons from a project handoff

Project handoffs are not simple. Teams have their own cultures and work styles. Without planning, a project could lose institutional memory, time, quality, and funding when it passes from one team to the next. Here are 6 lessons we learned as a recent project changed hands. — via USA.gov

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Sep 19, 2023

10X: A Home for Federal Innovators

10x funds ideas by federal employees on a wide range of topics related to government technology. This year, 10x is particularly interested in funding ideas that align with two themes: Digital Foundations, and Equity in Delivery. Are you the go-to person for ideas on your team? Are you the one who finds creative ways to solve problems? Do you see opportunities where others see challenges? Submit an idea—just 1 to 3 sentences—by November 30. — via General Services Administration

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Nov 07, 2022

Creating a New Way for People To Discover Government Benefits

Creating a New Way for People To Discover Government Benefits—To make it even easier for everyone to find services and benefits without needing to understand government structure, we’re developing a new digital tool in partnership with 10x, GSA’s incremental technology fund. BEARS, the Benefits Eligibility Awareness Resource Service, is an important step forward in providing an integrated, simple solution for federal benefits to improve the customer experience and will eventually cover all federal benefits from all agencies. — via USA.gov

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Mar 15, 2022

A Dashboard for Privacy Offices

A Dashboard for Privacy Offices—Through work funded by 10x, a team from 18F investigated how technology can help busy privacy offices manage your PII, and make their work more accessible and understandable for the public. — via 18F

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Dec 15, 2020

A Federal Guide to De-risk Government Technology Projects

A Federal Guide to De-risk Government Technology Projects—Written for cross-functional teams delivering IT services to their users, the Federal Field Guide to De-risk Government Technology offers guidance to federal agencies on how to structure software development teams, write contracts, and oversee agile software activities to reduce risks and improve outcomes for end-users. — via 18F

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Sep 09, 2020

10x project teams will demonstrate their work to date and provide brief overviews of each project. We hope that these talks will highlight some of the most interesting work happening in government today and inspire others to submit ideas to 10x.
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